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Apr 18, 2019

  :00 Intro

  :45 Player Spotlight with Austin King (@austinking12122) and Preston King (@prestonking19)

14:00 Baseball report with Kenny Arthur

21:00 Sports round up with Steve Christo

22:30 Argyle ISD Eagle Update with Pam Arrington

27:45 Outro


Music Credit:  Andrew Wilson Music

Apr 4, 2019

   :00 Intro

   :45 Andy Smith Interview with Girls' Soccer Coach Mark Koke

 5:00 Andy Smith Interview with Boys' Soccer Coach Ben Parks

11:45 Clark McNulty Interview with Softball Coach Kevin Cook

16:45 Kenny Arthur interview with baseball coach Ricky Griffin

22:30 Sports Round-up with Steve Christo

23:45 Argyle ISD...