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Mar 12, 2020

:00 - Intro

1:30 - Player Spotlight with seniors Brooklyn Carl (@brooke11501) and Rhyle McKinney (@MckinneyRhyle)

16:00 Weekly Fly Over w/Girls Basketball Coach Chance Westoreland

27:00 - Weekly Fly Over with boys basketball coach, Russell Perkins

35:45 - Outro



Mar 5, 2020

    :00 Intro
  1:30 Highlights from Eagles Playoff win over Krum
  2:45 Player Spotlight with Sr. Caden Hardy (@chardy_11)
 12:30 Weekly Fly Over w/ Eagles Basketball Coach Russell Perkins
 20:15 Girls Basketball Update from regional tournament
 23:15 Girls Basketball Seniors' Feature w/ Senior Dads by Andy...